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Top Skills Employers Look For

What skills a job role requires depends entirely on the sector and specific role, however there are some soft skills which most employers will be searching for during recruitment. Most of your current skills can be transferable to many job roles, ultimately making you more employable. Although some roles may list a very specific set … Read More

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5 Reasons to Study Abroad

Leave your comfort zone Your undergraduate degree may offer the opportunity for you to study a semester abroad. These are fantastic opportunities for the keen traveller. And we’re here to give you some reasons on why you must study abroad. In 2014/15 around 24,000 UK students spent time studying or working abroad. Over 96% of … Read More

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3 Top tips for a successful team

“Teamwork makes the dream work.” – John C. Maxwell How many times at your workplace (or in life) have you heard the phrase ‘teamwork makes the dream work’? There’s a reason for it being repeated constantly, it’s because its true. Teamwork does make the dream work. In this case, the dream being your tasks and … Read More

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Benefits of Work Experience

Are you unsure of what job you might enjoy? Do you need to increase your current level of experience? Work experience is an opportunity for you to discover your talents and find an area of interest. This can be in any industry. And, through a short period of unpaid employment, you can gain new and … Read More


Why You Might Need to Re- or Upskill

What is reskilling? Reskilling is the opportunity for an individual to change careers, to acquire a new skill set for future employment. Your current career might not be the perfect fit, this could be because of previous decision making, or being unsure of what you want to do. When I was at school leaving age, … Read More

Why Measure Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is how effectively an individual identifies and manages their own emotions, and of those around them. As humans our behaviour is driven by our emotions and it can impact others positively and negatively. Therefore, the way an employee presents their emotions can affect their overall performance. The elements of EQ: Self-awareness – … Read More

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Finished your GCSEs – What’s next?

Your secondary school education is coming to a close and what happens next is up to you. During your time at school you’ll have discovered your interests and the subjects you’re best at, these are useful in helping you decide your future. Although, I believe the school system prematurely asks students about their future plans; … Read More

What If University Isn’t Right for You?

Success is sometimes determined by whether you attended university and obtained a degree, however, university education isn’t the only pathway to success. Many options are available outside of the university industry so if you don’t want to go you don’t have to! You can achieve your goals and dreams through other ways of learning and avoid … Read More

Why Employers Value Candidates with Language Skills

There’s a misconception surrounding the ability to learn a new language which falsely suggests that if you don’t get the opportunity to learn a language as a child – you have zero chance of ever learning as an adult. Some are fortunate to learn a language fluently during childhood where it’s easier to pick-up because … Read More