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Employment After Graduation: Are You Heading in the Right Direction?

With 1 in 3 graduates being mismatched to their jobs, the Guardian has raised concern over recent graduate employment. Students have a lack of awareness surrounding their skills and talents, this means that graduates are not where they want to be in their career. Ideally, you will want to jumpstart your career as soon as possible and make the most out of your university education. The problem arises from the career advice given. Students require more advice and ways of identifying their skills, which is why Yondur’s mission is to find you the right job and help you reach your full potential.

Here’s a few things to think about as you enter the post-graduation job search:

1. Think about what you want to do

There’s no immediate rush, many adults still don’t know what they want to do. It’s a big decision, one which could change over time. Think about what you enjoy, your hobbies and interests, whether it relates to your degree or not. Write a list! What modules did you enjoy most at university? Knowing what you might want to do gives you a headstart.

2. Your experience

Every job application in any industry requires experience, but graduate jobs are very competitive which is why making the most out of your degree is vital to building your experience. Did you partake in work experience? A placement year? An internship? All of these and more can provide a better insight into the industry you’re interested in. It can help decide whether it’s truly what you want to be doing. It also boosts your CV, shows motivation and passion for your chosen field, and impresses employers.

3. What are your skills?

This is the most important one to match you to the right job. Being aware of your skills is essential to beginning your career search. Think about what skills you’ve gained and developed during your degree, think about specific modules and what they taught you. You can also begin to identify your skills and talents by setting up a profile on Yondur, where game-based assessments are used to determine and analyse your personality, skills and talents, and strengths and weaknesses. If you’re uncertain about where to take your career Yondur can help find your career matches. 

4. What’s important to you

When considering a job role think about what is important to your work ethic and well-being. What are your values, motivations and expectations? A traditional 9-5 role may not suit you and nowadays that’s not the only option for working life. There are many aspects to consider, such as commuting, the salary and workplace environment. Find out how a company works, how their employees are treated and whether they are happy in their job. Is there room for career development?

5. Finally, sign up to Yondur!

By creating a profile you’ll receive detailed results about your skills, talents, and strengths and weaknesses. Yondur provides an analysis of your personality and interests through game-based assessments. Then with our career matching tool you’ll discover what’s best for you. It’s the perfect beginning to starting your post-graduate life. Sign up and create a profile today.

Show the world what you have to offer and you may just land your dream job!

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