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4 Steps to help you go beyond your current career limits and shift into something more rewarding

Yondur exists to empower individuals in finding their next career move, by breaking down outdated and subjective approaches to recruiting and going beyond the traditional CV and talent selection process.  Using game-based assessments Yondur enables people to match the right career for them by assessing and predicting how successful individuals would be against a wide range of different career and job pathways. Here is how Yondur can find something you will love doing in just 4 easy steps:

Step 1. Understand Your Potential

Firstly, you need to understand yourself! Ask yourself what’s important to you, what would you enjoy doing every day, what you value and what you need to prioritise. The problem is once we find something we are relatively good at; we never question the directions we are heading, until one day you realise you’re unhappy in your current job and decide maybe it’s time for a career change. So, we want you to take a step back and look at your career with a different perspective.

Step 2. Project Your Strengths

Build your own unique digital profile with Yondur today! Showcase your talent and potential in a creative new way – Yondur will help you find your next career move through our game-based assessments and career matching tool, allowing you to project your natural strengths, talents and interests.

Step 3. Get Matched-Up

Once you’ve completed our game-based assessments you will be taken through to our Career Matching tool. We match your skills, abilities and interests to over 1,200 jobs profiles to pinpoint the opportunities that fit you best.

Some of the jobs may be similar to what you’re currently doing or there may be alternative job opportunities which you never previously considered. Keep your options open and you may be surprised by your Career Matches.

Step 4. Get the Right Skills and Support

Lastly, explore all options given to you based on your talent and potential. Changing your career may mean you have to undergo some training, but you will have transferable skills that you can use in a new career. And finally, just do what makes you happy. Even if you have climbed a career ladder, it’s never too late to change your career path to show you true talent and potential.

Risk something or forever sit with your dreams – Hert Brooks

Yondur Team

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